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Caring for loved ones

Caring for loved ones

  • How to show up for loved ones who are far away

    • Plan surprise video calls, or schedule calls
    • Send some food delivery at your loved one's place. Food can be great at uplifting mood.
    • Plan movie/music nights together
    • Keep checking on how they are feeling and be with them virtually or via text in low moments.
    • Simple lines like- 'I'm here for you. I'm listening and am with you” can help
    • Help them with setting small goals and encouraging self-reward after completing small tasks.
    • Encourage loved ones to seek professional mental health help if you see them struggling with pandemic blues.
    • Have conversations about your personal lives and stay with each other virtually for those moments.

    How to communicate when someone asks for emotional support

    • 1. Listen to understand
    • 2. Ask them how they want you to help them (eg: just let them vent, provide suggestions)
    • 3. Try to keep your personal views aside for a while and focus on understanding their point of view.
    • 4. Ask open-ended questions to understand more about their feelings/experiences.
    • 5. Let them know that you see and understand their situation.
    • 6. Try to validate their feelings before giving any advice.
    • 7. Don’t minimize their issues by citing examples of others facing worse problems
    • 8. Don’t make it about yourself by talking about your own issues